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The Rubensbulletin 2014 has been published online on the Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp website

The Rubensbulletin 2014 has been published on the website of the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp. The Rubensbulletin is a web-based journal with scientific contributions in various languages on the oeuvre of Peter Paul Rubens and his assistants. The Rubensbulletin is intended for Rubens scholars and others who are interested in this matter.

Table of contents

· Introduction
Elsje Janssen – Director of Collections, KMSKA

· Rubens’s Holy Family with the Parrot. Examination and Restoration
Eva van Zuien

· The Solomonic Column: A Rubenesque Motif in the Light of Tradition
Paul Vandenbroeck

· Cataloguing Rubens and Rembrandt. A Closer Look at the Corpus Rubenianum and the Rembrandt Research Project
Koen Bulckens

The publication is supervised by the members of the Rubens project team: Dr. Valérie Herremans, Dr. Paul Huvenne, Lizet Klaassen, Dr. Nico Van Hout and Christine Van Mulders.