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New issue of Print Quarterly (Volume XXIX, No. 3, September 2012) published

In the latest issue of Print Quarterly (Volume XXIX, No. 3, September 2012), some interesting articles with Dutch/Flemish content appeared: ‘Lucas van Leyden’ by Nadine M. Orenstein; ‘Pieter Bruegel the Elder’ by Stephanie Porras; ‘Prints and the Pursuit of Knowledge’ by Paula Finlden and ‘Hollstein New and Old’ by Antony Griffiths. Please find the full table of contents below.

Table of contents

‘The Studio Inventory of Camillo Graffico, Engraver and Fountaineer’ by EVELYN LINCOLN
‘The Print That Never Was: Thomas Wright’s Unpublished Edinburgh Almanack for 1733’ by EILEEN HARRIS
‘Achille Devéria and French Illustration in the Romantic Period’ by STEPHEN BANN

Shorter Notice

‘Diana Mantovana’s Virgin and Child with St John the Baptist’ by GIULIO GIRONDI


‘The Woodcut in Fifteenth-Century Europe’ by CHRISTIANE ANDERSSON
‘Pieter Bruegel the Elder’ by STEPHANIE PORRAS
‘Prints and the Pursuit of Knowledge’ by PAULA FINDLEN
‘Personalized Prints’ by PETER PARSHALL
‘Venetian Glass and Limoges Enamel’ by ANTONY GRIFFITHS
‘Hollstein New and Old’ by ANTONY GRIFFITHS
‘Claude Lorrain’ by LINO MANNOCCI
‘The Baron von Valvasor’ by CELINA FOX
‘Théodore Géricault’ by CHRISTIAN RÜMELIN
‘Cologne Cathedral’ by COLIN J. BAILEY
‘London Displayed’ by BAMBER GASCOIGNE
‘Thomas Bewick’ by IAN ROGERSON
‘A Print after Jacob van Ruisdael’ by SEYMOUR SLIVE
‘Whistler and Business’ by MARTHA TEDESCHI
‘Camille Martin’ by MARTIN HOPKINSON
‘Leonard Squirrell’ by ANTHONY DYSON
‘Picasso in the Brandhorst Collection’ by OLIVIER BERGGRUEN
‘Cubist Picasso and Braque’ by MARTIN HOPKINSON
‘Artists’ Books’ by ROWAN WATSON
‘Dürer, and his Modernist Response’ by PETER PARSHALL
‘Polish Posters’ by DAVID CROWLEY
‘John-Franklin Koenig’ by MARTIN HOPKINSON
‘Joe Tilson’ by PAUL COLDWELL
‘Masafumi Yamamoto’s Unrealized Edition’ by WILLIAM COLE
‘Rebecca Salter’ by EMMA HILL
‘Pizzi Cannella’ by MARTIN HOPKINSON
‘The Samuel and Gabrielle Lurie Collection’ by MARTIN HOPKINSON

Catalogue and Book Reviews

‘Lucas van Leyden’ by NADINE M. ORENSTEIN
‘The Origins of the Art Book by ANTONY GRIFFITHS’
‘Andrea Pozzo’ by ANDREW HOPKINS
‘Thomas Rowlandson’ by KATHERINE HART
‘Stéphanie Mallarmé and the Artist’s Book’ by JEAN KHALFA
‘Edvard Munch’ by JANE VAN NIMMEN
‘Alex Katz’ by MERLIN JAMES
‘Out of Australia’ by CATHY LEAHY