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New issue of Simiolus vol. 35 (2011) nr. 3-4 appears

The latest issue of Simiolus has appeared. Below you can find the contents.

Simiolus. Netherlands quarterly for the history of art Volume 35 (2011) Numbers 3-4


VOLKER HERZNER A response to Hugo van der Velden, "The quatrain of The Ghent altarpiece"

HUGO VAN DER VELDEN A reply to Volker Herzner and a note on the putative author of the Ghent quatrain

MICHAEL ZELL "Liefde baart kunst": Vermeer’s poetics of painting

TIJANA ZAKULA The indecorous appeal of beggar boys: Murillo, de Lairesse and Gainsborough

HESSEL MIEDEMA Lambert ten Kate in correspondence with Hendrik van Limborch: color harmony and chiaroscuro

PAULA RADISICH "A globe, a bust": Chardin and the Quarrel between the Ancients and the Moderns

FRITS SCHOLTEN Frans Hemsterhuis’s memorial for Herman Boerhaave

EVELINE DENEER Between Dou and David: the importance of seventeenth-century Dutch art to troubadour painting in France, 1790-1830