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New issue of the JHNA, Journal of Historians of Netherlandish Art (vol. 7:2) appears

Historians of Netherlandish Art is pleased to announce the publication of the Summer 2015 issue of the open-access, refereed e-journal JHNA, Journal of Historians of Netherlandish Art.

Table of Contents, vol. 7:2 (2015):

Dan Ewing
“Jan de Beer’s Lifetime Reputation and Posthumous Fate”
Jan de Beer’s important lifetime reputation is reconstructed by examining archival sources and the artist’s work for the Antwerp guild and church, while partial explanations for his later disappearance from the historical record are provided by analyzing early literary sources.

Larry Silver
“Massys and Money: The Tax Collectors Rediscovered”
The late-career original picture by Quinten Massys, much replicated and adapted in later copies, the Tax Collectors (ca. 1525–30; now in the Liechtenstein Collection, Vaduz) has been rediscovered and is analyzed here.

Margaret Sullivan
Peasant and Nestrobber: Bruegel as Witness of His Times”
This study identifies Bruegel’s source for his enigmatic painting, Peasant and Nestrobber as the 36th chapter of Sebastian Brant’s Narrenschiff and relates it to the language being used in the religious struggles that were embroiling the Low Countries.

Alexandra Libby
“The Solomonic Ambitions of Isabel Clara Eugenia in Rubens’s The Triumph of the Eucharist Tapestry Series”
The themes of Solomonism in Peter Paul Rubens’s The Triumph of the Eucharist tapestry series are analyzed through the political context of the cycle’s patron, Isabel Clara Eugenia. The essay provides movies proposing how the series would have been viewed within the church of the Descalzas Reales in Madrid.

D. C. Meijer Jr. (Tom van der Molen, translator)
“The Amsterdam Civic Guard Pieces within and outside the New Rijksmuseum Pt. 5: Govert Flinck”
This fifth and last installment of D. C. Meijer Jr.’s article on Amsterdam civic guard portraits focuses on works by Govert Flinck). Meijer’s article was originally published in five installments in the first few issues of the journal Oud Holland.

About the Journal of Historians of Netherlandish Art

JHNA is the electronic journal of Historians of Netherlandish Art. Founded in 2009, the journal publishes issues of peer-reviewed articles two times per year. These articles focus on art produced in the Netherlands (north and south) during the early modern period (c. 1400-c.1750), and in other countries as they relate to Netherlandish art. This includes studies of painting, sculpture, graphic arts, tapestry, architecture, and decoration, from the perspectives of art history, art conservation, museum studies, historiography, and collecting history.

Alison M. Kettering, Carleton College, Editor-in-Chief
Dagmar Eichberger, Universität Trier and Universität Heidelberg, Associate Editor
Mark Trowbridge, Marymount University, Associate Editor

The next formal deadline for submission of articles is August 1, 2015 (for publication in 2016 or 2017), although authors are encouraged to submit at any time.