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Recently discovered signature of Jan Cossiers ends debate on authorship in the Prado

The signature of Jan Cossiers (1600-1671) has recently been discovered on one of the paintings that was made for the Torre de la Parada, King Philip IV of Spain’s hunting lodge outside Madrid. The painting in question, which shows Prometheus carrying fire, is based on a sketch by Rubens and its authorship has been the subject of debate in the past.

Detail of the signature by Jan Cossiers (1600-1671)
Image courtesy of Museo Nacional del Prado, Madrid

Ana Alicia Suarez, a Meadows fellow in the Flemish department at the Prado, has located the signature of Cossiers on Prometheus’s torch. Her recent find may be of help to scholars who are trying to sort out the artistic personalities of painters who worked with and for Rubens.

A high resolution image of the painting is available on the website of the museum.