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Special edition of Simiolus has appeared

Reforming Dutch Art: Gerard de Lairesse on Beauty, Morals and Class by Tijana ┼Żakula has been published as a special edition of Simiolus.

From the editors

It is with pride and pleasure that the editors of Simiolus are offering a special edition to its subscribers as some compensation for the long time it took to publish volume 37 (2013-14).

If you subscribe to volume 38 (2015-16) now, you will receive a copy of ┼Żakula’s book as a welcoming gift. And you won’t regret your subscription either, for volume 38 will contain a series of fine contributions by, among others, Edward Wouk, Lutz Malke, Karolien de Clippel & David van der Linden, Ruben Suykerbuyk and Daantje Meeuwissen, as well as featuring an issue edited by Xander van Eck and Jeffrey Muller on Flemish art and the Counter-Reformation.

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