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The National Gallery in Prague is looking for the whereabouts of a painting by Jan de Bray

Information from CODART-member Anja Ševčík, Curator for Dutch Art, National Gallery in Prague

In connection with research for the summary catalogue of Dutch painting and preparations for an exhibition displaying pendant paintings the National Gallery in Prague would be grateful for any indications referring to the whereabouts of the illustrated painting.

Jan de Bray

Portrait of a boy aged seven holding a book

signed and dated 1650

panel, 31 x 24 cm.

The painting – a pendant to Jan de Bray’s Prague Portrait of a girl aged five ( O 1113, also illustrated) – was part of the P.P. Semyonov Tjan-Shanski collection (cat. 1906, no. 77), entered the Hermitage collection St. Petersburg ( 2898) and was handed over to „Antikvariat“ in September 1929 to be sold on the Western art market. If you have any information about its whereabouts since 1929 or the present location please contact Anja K. Ševčík, Curator for Dutch Art, National Gallery in Prague,