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Website for research and exhibition project "Tracing Bosch and Bruegel. Four Paintings Magnified" launched

On 28 april, the website for the research and exhibition project entitled Tracing Bosch and Bruegel. Four Paintings Magnified, was launched:

Art historians and painting conservators from Denmark, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Belgium and Estonia are participating in the Tracing Bosch and Bruegel. Four Paintings Magnified project. The international group of specialists is seeking to determine how these four Boschian paintings, that all replicate with minor changes the same composition and subject: The Expulsion of Traders and Money Changers from the Temple, relate to the art of Hieronymus Bosch (c. 1450–1516) and Pieter Bruegel the Elder (1526/30–1569) and from what time and where the paintings originate.

All four paintings will be brought to the Kadriorg Art Museum in Tallinn for an exhibition that opens in October this year. Using extensive multimedia solutions, the exhibition will introduce the origins of the works, the time and place of their execution, and the fascinating journey of the search for the painter. The paintings under examination are in the collections of the Kadriorg Art Museum, the Danish National Gallery in Copenhagen, the Glasgow Museums and a private collection in Switzerland.

Since 28 April, the project website is available to the international public. It will include a blog dealing with the conservation of and research on the painting, multimedia solutions that reveal the (significant) layers of the painting, and information about the events related to the project: the Spring Conference at the Kadriorg Art Museum on 13–14 May, exhibitions in Tallinn, Copenhagen and Glasgow, seminars and workshops. The project website is in English.

On 1 May, the European Union Culture Programme announced that the project was granted with EU support. It was the only Estonian-led cultural project to receive the support this year.

Partners of main organiser the Kadriorg Art Museum in this project are the Danish National Gallery and the University of Glasgow. The total cost of the project is 400,000 euros, of which almost 50% is covered by European Union support. The project is also part of the programme of Tallinn 2011, Tallin is European Capital of Culture this year.

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