CODART, Dutch and Flemish art in museums worldwide

CODART Associate Membership

Who can become an associate member?

  • Curators whose association with a museum is clearly based on a particular project, under the following conditions:
    – The project concerns Dutch and/or Flemish art
    – The curator has a contract with a museum for at least 24 hours per week and can submit a copy of the contract
    – The duration of the contract is at least two years
    – The curator has an e-mail address issued by the museum
  • Specialists in Dutch and Flemish art working within a university or other institutions, in cities or countries where no fitting curators of Dutch and Flemish art are available.
  • Specialists who can help strengthen the network in a particular country.
  • Specialists who can help strengthen the CODART network in areas that are as yet underrepresented (applied arts, sculpture).
  • Specialists of organizations with which CODART wishes to form a strategic alliance.
  • Specialists who, for professional or strategic reasons, can fulfill an important role for CODART.
  • Members who have been retired for less than two years and wish to remain affiliated with CODART. After this period they will be asked to become Friends.

Associate membership is reviewed on an annual basis.


  • Participation in all CODART activities (congresses, focus events)
  • Subscription to the monthly CODARTfeatures.
  • Subscription to e-mail notification services

Conditions applicable to associates

  • Associate membership is by application only. The director heads the selection process on the basis of the criteria listed above and, if needed, the program committee is consulted.
  • Associate members maintain their member status so long as they meet the above criteria. This is reviewed annually by the program committee.
  • Associate members will be placed onto a reserve list for conferences and study trips, which they can only attend if sufficient spaces are available.

How to become a member

Membership dues

CODART asks its members for an annual contribution.