CODART, Dutch and Flemish art in museums worldwide

CODART Membership

Who can become a full member?

  • Curators of Dutch and Flemish art collections (paintings, drawings and prints, sculpture, applied arts). This also includes: research curators (including technical research) and exhibition curators with a demonstrable knowledge of Dutch and Flemish art, working for a museum.
  • Curators of private collections that are open to the public, or can be consulted by appointment by curators and researchers.
  • Directors of museums or institutions with a clear affinity for and/or knowledge of Dutch and Flemish art (for example former curators) as well as directors of museums whose collections include Dutch and Flemish masters, but without a specialist curator on staff.
  • Curators with temporary contracts can become members for the duration of their contract. Please note: this applies only to curators who are extensively involved in the subject of Dutch and Flemish art, as opposed to curators whose association with a museum is clearly based on a particular project.
  • The curator has a contract with a museum for at least 24 hrs per week.
  • Periodization: curators must be in charge of art before 1800.
  • Retirement: upon retirement, members will receive an invitation to become associate members for another two years if they so wish. After a period of two years their membership expires permanently, at which point they can join CODART as a Friend.

Not eligible

  • Curators whose association with a museum is clearly based on a particular project. These curators can become associate members for the duration of their project.
  • Curators of institutions without collections, except in the case of someone with obvious expertise in the field and where the institution concerned regularly organizes exhibitions of Dutch and Flemish art.
  • Curators of modern Dutch and Flemish art.
  • All persons meeting the criteria for associate membership.


  • Participation in CODART activities (congresses, focus events)
  • Subscription to the monthly CODARTfeatures
  • Subscription to e-mail notification services

Conditions applicable to full members

  • Full membership is by application only. The director heads the selection process on the basis of the criteria listed above and, if needed, the program committee is consulted.
  • Members maintain their member status so long as they meet the criteria listed above.

How to become a member

Membership dues

CODART asks its members for an annual contribution.