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CODART News of the Month: July 2006

29 June
Den Bosch: On 23-25 May 2007 the Second International Jheronimus Bosch Conference, devoted to "Sources of Bosch," will take place in the artist’s own city. The organizers have issued a call for papers.

28 June
Schwerin: Two-day symposium in Schwerin on Dutch architects and artists at the courts of Mecklenburg (14-15 July). See the program of this interesting and free event, which offers excursions in the area as well as high-quality papers. Deadline for registration is July 7th.

Amsterdam: CODART requests voluntary contributions for funding its activities

CODART runs an effective office with a small staff. However, each year we need considerable sums of money to perform at the level to which our members have become accustomed. Part of our funding comes from subsidies given by the Netherlands Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. For a number of years we also received a contribution from the Ministry of the Flemish Community. CODART has managed in addition to attract one-off project grants from other external funding bodies to help cover the rest of our costs.

However, the unpredictable nature of these contributions puts our program under constant strain. The continued thriving of our network depends on our ability to convince government and other institutions of the essential need for, and usefulness of a platform for international collaboration and exchange of ideas. Our main instrument in achieving this aim is our program itself.

In order to guarantee, and where necessary enhance, the quality of its activities, CODART is currently exploring other fund-raising options. Recently, several of our members offered to make a personal donation to CODART. As we announced at the last congress, we welcome this idea.

In the course of June 2006, CODART sent a request to all members asking them for a voluntary annual contribution (suggested amount: 50 euro inside the EU, 60 euro outside the EU). Institutions are also welcome to become the contributor. CODART has separately addressed all directors with a request of that kind. Already a lot of members and institutions answered this call, for which CODART is very grateful. First and foremost, these contributions give an important signal to the external funding bodies on which CODART depends. Furthermore, the money is used to support the cost of our regular activities.

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14 June
Valenciennes: Watteau as a Flemish painter: call for papers for a symposium in April 2007

10 June
New York: Morgan Library publishes Jane Shoaf Turner’s two-volume catalogue of its Dutch drawings