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Thony Ruys succeeds Greetje van den Bergh as chair of the board of CODART

Today, on the first day of the CODART VIJFTIEN congress, in a special board meeting, Thony Ruys has succeeded Greetje van den Bergh as chair of the board of CODART.

Greetje van den Bergh has been member of the board of CODART since 2005 and has been its chair since 6 March 2006. CODART benefited greatly from the rich experience she has in the cultural field. Among many other positions, Greetje has been deputy chair of the executive board of the University of Amsterdam and founding director of the Flemish-Dutch House for European dialogue deBuren. Currently she is chair of the Dutch national UNESCO commission. CODART is very grateful to Greetje van den Bergh for her sincere commitment to CODART. During her six years of chairmanship CODART has developed into an even more professional organization, equipped for a successful future.

Her successor, Thony Ruys, has held a great variety of functions in both the corporate and the cultural field. He was chair of the executive board of Dutch brewing giants Heineken and until very recently chair of the supervisory board of the Rijksmuseum. He has been a board member of CODART since 2008. We are excited and thankful that he agreed to be our new chair and we are looking forward to work with him. Greetje van den Bergh couldn’t have wished for a better successor.