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Call for Papers: HNA Conference (Ghent 24-26 May 2018)

The Conference Program Committee of The Historians of Netherlandish Art solicits paper proposals for the organization’s quadrennial conference, to be held in Ghent, May 24 Р26, 2018. We welcome proposals for papers that present new directions in the study of Netherlandish art between 1350 and 1750. Sessions will be two hours long, generally including four papers of 20 minutes in length with ample time for discussion. A series of workshops will also be announced when registration for the conference opens. See below for the list of paper sessions and descriptions.

List of sessions seeking papers

  • Early Modern Netherlandish Art and the Work of Science
  • Artists on the Move: New Methods, New Directions
  • Towards a Historiography of Technical Art History: An Assessment of Progress for 15th – 17th Century Netherlandish and Dutch Paintings
  • The Ekphrastic Tradition in the Early Modern Netherlands
  • Transmediality in Global Netherlandish Art
  • Ornamenta sacra. The Art of Liturgy and the Liturgy of Art (1400 – 1700)
  • Netherlandish Illumination and Painting in the 15th and 16th Centuries: Integrating New Art – Technical Research in Established Approaches
  • Utensils in Art: The Object as an Artist‚Äôs Model and the Domestic Utensil as Decorative Arts
  • Revisiting Rediscovery: Early Netherlandish Art in the Long 19th Century
  • Picture This: The Role of Images in Alba amicorum
  • Pevsner‚Äôs Blind Spots. Organization and Representation of Art Academies in the Northern and Southern Netherlands
  • Unraveling the Anonymous Masters (1500 – 1550) in the Rhine/Maas Region
  • ‚ÄúRuled by an Orange‚ÄĚ: Or, just how Glorious was the Glorious Revolution?
  • Divine Presence: Representing Angels and God in Dutch and Flemish Art
  • Bruegel‚Äôs Politics
  • Copy/Copia: The Theory and Practice of Copying
  • Architecture
  • Open Session: Seventeenth – Century Flemish Art
  • Open Session: Seventeenth – Century Dutch Art

For more information, descriptions and deadlines, please consult the full call for papers on the HNA website.