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Dr. Christopher D.M. Atkins Van Otterloo-Weatherbie Director, Center for Netherlandish Art, Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) in Boston, Massachusetts, USA


Member of CODART since 2012

Exhibitions curated since 1999

CODART publications

Helen Hillyard, “Christopher Atkins Interviewed”, CODARTfeatures, October 2020.

Dr. Christopher D.M. Atkins, “Connoisseurship and the John G. Johnson Collection in Philadelphia”, CODARTfeatures, December 2015.

Selected publications


‘The Painter’s Painter’
Essay in Adriaen Brouwer: Master of Emotions, edited by Katrien Lichtert, pp. 115-136
Amsterdam (Amsterdam University Press) 2018

The John G. Johnson Collection: a history and selected works
Christopher D.M. Atkins
Published online (
Philadelphia Museum of Art) 2018

‘Connoisseurship and a Connoisseur’s Collection’
Christopher D.M. Atkins and Mark Tucker
Essay in The John G. Johnson Collection: a history and selected works
Published online (Philadelphia Museum of Art) 2018


‘Michiel Coxcie’s Artistic Quotations in the Death of Abel’
Essay in The Primacy of the Image in Northern European Art, 1400-1700: Essays in Honor of Larry Silver, edited by Debra Cashion and Ashley West, pp. 111-122
Leiden (Brill Press) 2017


The Wrath of the Gods: Masterpieces by Rubens, Michelangelo, and Titian
Christopher D.M. Atkins
New Haven (Yale University Press) 2015


“Dürer’s Marking of Time.”
Christopher D.M. Atkins
Article in The Challenge of the Object / Die Herausforderung des Objekts, Congress Proceedings, T. 1-3
Edited by G. Ulrich Großmann and Petra Krutisch
Nuremberg 2013


The Signature Style of Frans Hals: Painting, Subjectivity, and the Market in Early Modernity
Christopher D.M. Atkins
Amsterdam University Press, Amsterdam Series in the Dutch Golden Age, 2012


Oxford Bibliographies: Renaissance and Reformation
Oxford University Press, phased launch began 2010.
Christopher D.M. Atkins, Visual Arts Editor; Margaret King, Editor in Chief

“Seventeenth-Century Dutch Art” and “Rembrandt”
Christopher D.M. Atkins
Oxford Bibliographies: Renaissance and Reformation
Margaret King, editor in chief
Oxford University Press, 2011.

“Frans Hals’s Virtuoso Brushwork”
Christopher D.M. Atkins
Article in Virtus, virtuositeit en kunstliefhebbers in de Nederlanden 1500-1700 (Nederlands Kunsthistorisch Jaarboek, Volume 53)
Zwolle (Waanders) 2005, p. 281-307

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