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Ingmar Reesing Curator, Museum Gouda in Gouda, The Netherlands


Member of CODART since 2018

Areas of specialization

  • Late-medieval miniature carvings (including prayer beads), ivory carving, and pipe-clay devotional sculpture
  • 15th- to 17th-century sculpture from the Low Countries
  • Painting from the Low Countries until 1700

Exhibitions curated since 1999

CODART publications

Rosalie van Gulick, “Exhibiting Sustainably: M Leuven and Its Green Book”, CODARTfeatures, December 2023.

Dr. Nadia Groeneveld-Baadj, “Experiencing the Wonder of Gouda in the Saint John’s Church”, CODARTfeatures, April 2022.

Curator in the Spotlight: Ingmar Reesing (December 2020)

Selected publications

A list of publications by Ingmar Reesing can be downloaded here (PDF).

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