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31 Collection Descriptions of UK Museums Added to the Website

In the last few months, together with curators across the country, we have worked on collection descriptions for UK museums on the CODART website. Yet another 31 collection descriptions of institutions with significant holdings of Dutch and Flemish art are added to the platform. With this addition, we continue to work on our aim to be the best guide to Dutch and Flemish art in museums worldwide. In each synopsis you can read about the size of the collection, the history, the main highlights and artists, and in many cases which media are represented from which periods. Nearly all texts were written by curators of the collection in question.

With Anthony van Dyck as its most famous example, Dutch and Flemish artists have worked in Britain for centuries, creating strong artistic ties between the United Kingdom and the Low Countries. Additionally the British – from kings and queens to wealthy members of the elite – have a long history of collecting Dutch and Flemish art. It is because of this history that extraordinary Netherlandish art can today be found in museums and art collections across the United Kingdom. This includes well-known London-based museums such as The National Gallery, the British Museum, and the Dulwich Picture Gallery. One can also read about the many regional museums including the Ulster Museum in Belfast, the Holburne Museum in Bath and the Bristol Museum & Art Gallery. Additionally information can be found on numerous art collections, for example the Royal Collection Trust and the Derby Collection.

Information about all the UK museums with significant collections of Dutch and Flemish art and their new collection texts is available in our museum section. Unfortunately, not all museums have a synopsis yet. Descriptions of around ten collections cared for by the National Trust will be added to the website later this year. Are you a curator of a UK museum that does not yet have a description on the CODART website, then please contact us.

CODART platform

The CODART website currently includes circa 180 texts for various collections in the USA, Canada and Central Europe. We aim to publish collection texts for many more collections in our database. By doing so, the CODART platform strives to provide easy access to Dutch and Flemish art in museums worldwide, including many smaller and lesser-known collections that hold artworks of exceptional importance but are not well known.

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