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A restored Moses van Uyttenbroeck´s ‘Triumphal procession of Bacchus’ returns to the Old Masters Gallery in Kassel

Information from CODART-Member Justus Lange, Head of the Old Masters Gallery in kassel

For almost a year, the Old Masters Gallery at Schloss Wilhelmshöhe had to do without Moses van Uyttenbroeck´s Triumphal procession of Bacchus. Considered an outstanding example of the humorous look at antiquity typical of the artist´s work, the painting has now been thoroughly restored. Mythological painting counts among the specialities of Moses van Uyttenbroeck (1595/1600–1646/47), a Dutch painter active in The Hague. His painting of the Triumphal procession of Bacchus, which was executed around 1627, shows the youthful God of Wine in elegant pose, observing his companions engage happily in idle drunkenness.

Due to the discolored varnish and many retouching’s, the painting´s original appearance had over the years changed considerably. During the course of last year, the chance for a restoration arose thanks to the generous support of the “Uta and Karl Peters art foundation for Old and New masters”. Freed of dirt, yellowed varnish and overpainting, the picture now shines again in fresh colors and pays testimony to the great painterly talent of Moses van Uyttenbroeck.

“It is a great privilege to have a private foundation devoted to the care and maintenance of Kassel´s cultural treasures which has enabled the painting´s new presentation”, Dr. Justus Lange, Head of the Old Masters Gallery, commented happily.