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Catalogue of paintings from the Brukenthal Museum, Sibiu, Romania online on the CODART website

Thanks to our cooperation with the CODART-members in Sibiu, Romania the first catalogue of paintings (dating 1909) from the Brukenthal Museum has been made available on the CODART website. The pages are placed in the selected publications-section (under special features). To go to the catalogue directly click here. (The catalogue is no longer available).

The pages contain all catalogue entries from Michael Csaki, Baron Brukenthalisches Museum in Hermannstadt: Führer durch die Gemäldegalerie, Hermannstadt (Sibiu), 1909 in a digital format.

The museum has released these materials to CODART free of charge. You are welcome to use this freeware for your work, as long as you credit the original source and the CODART website.

The catalogue is designed to be interactive. All catalogue entries contain a small form, with which comments and additions can be sent directly to the website.