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Greek police recover stolen Rubens painting The hunt for the Caledonian wild boar

Information from various newspapers

In 2001, an oil sketch attributed to Rubens was stolen from the Museum voor Schone Kunsten in Ghent. The painting, The hunt for the Caledonian wild boar has been recovered by the Greek police. Two men tried to sell the painting for 1 million euros to undercover agents. They have both been arrested. The painting is in custody of the Athens police. In Belgian newspaper Gazet van Antwerpen the museum’s director, Robert Hozee expressed his hope that the painting will return to the museum soon.

On 13 June 2001 the painting was stolen in an armed robbery on the museum. The perpetrators intended to steal aanother work by Rubens, the Flagellation of Christ as well but they had to leave it behind during their escape. The robbers were arrested and convicted in 2002, but the painting remained without a trace until now.

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