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Israel Museum Is Given an Important Painting by Jozef Israëls

The Israel Museum in Jerusalem has announced that an Italian Jewish family has donated to the museum an important painting by Jozef Israel (1824-1911). The painting, dated 1890, measures a large 172 x 136 cm. It depicts fisherwomen of Zandvoort.

Jozef Israëls, Fisherwomen of Zandvoort. Jerusalem, Israel Museum

In her monographic exhibition catalogue of 1999, Dieuwertje Dekkers wrote of the painting: "In 1890 Israëls painted his most controversial work: four life-size women walking forcefully to the fish auction. The press was so overcome by what it perceived as the extreme poverty in the painting that it hardly noticed the artist’s attempt to renew his work through a lively play of lines. Those lines, especially in the garments and the dunes, make this one of Israël’s strongest works."