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Louvre Launches Rembrandt Page on Its Website

Museum announcement

The Louvre has just launched a bilingual website (French, English)

dedicated to Rembrandt and to its holdings of the master’s works.

The website accompanies the drawings exhibition which is being held at the

moment. Moreover, it aims at giving substantial information regarding the

artist’s oeuvre, in the drawings field as well as in the paintings field.

Chronology, select bibliography, links to major Rembrandt websites are included – but this new internet facility also grants insights into provenance data, some technical analysis, current research developments (with on-line texts, written for the occasion by Rembrandt specialists on some of the Louvre masterpieces), or case studies.

Not before considered at the Louvre, this endeavor has been made possible by common work from the Drawings Department and the Paintings Department, with the technical support of a webcompany located in Canada.

The page is accessible at

Please note that this website will remain on-line after the "Rembrandt dessinateur" show has closed.