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National Museum in Warsaw publishes catalogue of early Netherlandish, Dutch, Flemish and Belgian painting

The National Museum in Warsaw recently published a catalogue that comprises the entirety of the collection of Netherlandish (1494–1600), Dutch, Flemish and Belgian painting until 1983. It is the result of years of efforts of curators from the former Department of Foreign Painting: Hanna Benesz and Maria Kluk and includes up-to-date research related to this part of the collection.

The catalogue is available through this online bookshop.

Information from the museum, 29 August 2016

Each of the 973 catalogue entries features a high-quality color illustration (full-page in the case of major works) complemented with basic information concerning the painting including a brief artist biography, a precisely established provenance, references to iconographic sources, a bibliography and a short commentary wherever questions of attribution or iconography require it.

The catalogue includes major works and less important works and copies for the aim of full documentation. Also included are the works which have recently been returned to their owners after being stored for decades in the Museum. Volume 1 (714 pages) covers signed and attributed works, while volume 2 (392 pages) comprises works of anonymous masters, a concordance and numerous indexes facilitating the knowledge of the collections, their iconography and history of collecting. The academic editors of the catalogue are Hanna Benesz and Piotr Borusowski and the English-language publication has been supervised by linguistic editor Anna Kiełczewska and editor Jennifer Moore-Tymowska.

Early Netherlandish, Dutch, Flemish and Belgian Paintings 1494–1983 in the Collections of the National Museum in Warsaw and the Palace at Nieborów. Complete Illustrated Summary Catalogue
Hanna Benesz, Maria Kluk
Edited by Hanna Benesz and Piotr Borusowski
Vol. 1 – Signed and Attributed Paintings
Vol. 2 – Anonymous Artists, Bibliography, Appendices, Index of Names
714 and 392 pages
Format: 27 × 23 cm
ISBN 978-83-7100-821-4 (vols 1–2)
Warsaw (Muzeum Narodowe w Warszawie) 2016

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