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Catalogue of Flemish painting from the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes de Cuba presented during the opening of an exhibition of Rubens prints

The National Museum of Fine Arts in Havana opened the exhibition Rubens and Antwerp in Black and White on 16 August. The exhibition, which presents the works of the Flemish master for the first time in Cuba, is organized in conjunction with the Ministry of Culture of the city of Antwerp. Thirteen engravings are on display, ten of which reproduce original paintings by Rubens.

Catalogue of Flemish and Belgian painting

The show will serve as context for the final presentation of the catalogue The Flemish and Belgian painting at the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes de Cuba. Both projects are part of a collaborative process initiated in 2010 between the National Museum of Fine Arts and a group of promoters of Belgian art headed by Bruno Devos and Paul Verbeeck. They allowed the culmination of the research work for cataloguing the Flemish collection, with the participation of the Belgian art historian Jonas Slegers, and the book printing.

Future cooperation

The catalogue and the exhibition, which was made possible by the help of Philip Heylen, the Vice Mayor for Culture of the city of Antwerp, Bruno Devos and Carl Depauw, from Association of Museums of Antwerp (AMA), marks a new stage for the Cuban museum. An agreement for cooperation between the museum and AMA was signed. This will create opportunities for the training and exchange of research-specialists for the art collections, promotion of activities in the framework of both institutions, and the cooperated organization of future exhibition projects.