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Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage (ICN) Moves Its Research Laboratories to the Rijksmuseum Studio Building

ICN press release

ICN permanently in three locations

During the week of 2 – 6 June 2008, the research laboratories of the Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage (ICN) were moved to the new Ateliergebouw (‘Studio building’), Hobbemastraat 22 in Amsterdam.

The Ateliergebouw, opened by Minister R. Plasterk on 8 November 2007, also houses the University of Amsterdam’s training programme for preservation and conservation, and the conservation studios of the Rijksmuseum (RMA). The addition of ICN’s conservation science department, and agreements which have been made regarding scientific co-operation between the three institutions, will allow the Ateliergebouw to develop into a centre of expertise for preservation and conservation. Museums in
the Netherlands and abroad will profit from the knowledge developed through this cooperation.

After the move, ICN will be housed in three locations:

    • The ICN collection and associated facilities will remain in Rijswijk. This includes 12,000 m3 of depot space, restoration studios, and logistical support.


    • The research laboratories will be located in the new Atelier Building.


  • The remaining institute activities will be performed at Gabriël Metsustraat 8, on the Museumplein in Amsterdam. The ICN Information centre is also located there. The library and reading room are open to the public.

Recently, ICN received permission to renovate the Gabriël Metsustraat 8 location to comply with current standards. The research laboratories and information centre were previously located at Gabriël Metsustraat 16. That building is the property of the Government Buildings Agency, and will be given a new function.

Note: Due to strict security requirements, visits to the Atelier Building can only be made by appointment!