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New Fries Museum opens today. Exhibition on the Frisian Golden Age one of the opening displays

Today at noon, Queen Maxima will open the Fries Museum in Leeuwarden. As part of the opening displays, a semipermanent exhibition on 17th century Friesland opens at the same time.

From the museum press release, 12 September 2013

The Fries Museum presents a modern exhibition highlighting the Golden Age. Five key figures in 17th century Friesland, their possessions, ambitions and secrets are the focal point of the show. Dutch Journalist and self-declared dandy Jort Kelder shows that notions such as old boys network and musthaves are of all ages.

Friesland was the most affluent province after Holland in the 17th century. Culture and economy were in the hands of a small group of wealthy merchants, regents and nobility. The exhibition tells the story of five of them, stadholder Willem Frederik van Nassau-Dietz (vancestor of our king), the noble Lady Sophia Anna van Pipenpoy, lawyer Theodorus Saeckma, nouveau riche Hobbe Baerdt van Sminia and painter Wybrand de Geest.