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Series on 25 Essential Skills for Curators Concludes with a Look to the Future

The 25th and final part of our video series on the 25 essential skills for curators was released today. In the final video, Rijksmuseum curators Friso Lammertse and Tamar van Riessen talk about what they consider to be essential skills for the curator of the future. The video follows up on CODART’s research report published last year, which explored the changing nature of the curatorial profession.

The “25 Essential Skills for Curators” video series was launched last year as part of our 25th anniversary. These very short, thirty-second clips provide a quick glimpse into the many facets that make up the work of a curator and are meant to introduce the profession to a wider audience.

In 25 videos, CODART members from museums in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany explained the importance of curatorial skills such as handling expertise questions, expanding the collection and doing provenance research, as well as more practical aspects of the job such as couriering, giving guided tours and writing text labels.

The topics for the videos are based on the results of a brainstorming session CODART organized with its Program Committee. The selection is meant to give an impression of the many different tasks that might be expected of a museum curator and do not apply to every curator. Nor is this a complete or definitive list of the skills a curator should possess.

The full series and list of topics are available on the 25 Skills page.