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CODART ZEVENTIEN: Rijksmuseum tours

Rijksmuseum visits on Monday 17 March


Visit to the collections of the Rijksmuseum (other then Dutch 17th century) with guided tours offered by the museum’s curators. Tours will depart from the foyer and will be announced separately.

Curators giving the tours are:

Middle Ages and Renaissance

Matthias Ubl (Junior curator of early Netherlandish art): Tour: Early Netherlandish art

Frits Scholten (Senior curator of sculpture, chair of the workgroup Middle Ages and Renaissance): Tour: Medieval sculpture

Huigen Leeflang (Curator of prints): Tour: Prints and drawings displayed in the Rijksmuseum

Duncan Bull (Senior curator of foreign art): Tour: Italian painting in a Dutch context

Special collections

Femke Diercks (Junior curator of ceramics): Tour: ceramics

Dirk Jan Biemond (Curator of metalwork): Tour: silver

Jeroen van der Vliet (Curator of maritime collections): Tour: Maritime room

Bianca du Mortier (Curator of costumes): Tour: costumes


Exclusive visit to the 17th-century collection and the Gallery of Honour of the Rijksmuseum (museum is closed to the public).

These curators will be present to provide additional information to various displays within the presentation:

Matthias Ubl (Junior curator of early Netherlandish art): Dutch mannerist painting

Daniel Horst (Researcher history): The birth of the Dutch Republic

Dirk Jan Biemond (Curator of metalwork): Treasure room and Vianen-silver

Marijn Schapelhouman (Senior curator of drawings): Presentations of drawings (Paulus van Vianen, Roeland Saverij, Jan de Bisschop)

Gijs van der Ham (Senior curator of history): Struggle for power in the young Dutch Republic

Jan de Hond (Curator of ship wreck finds Nova Zembla/ 19th century): Nova Zembla collection

Elsje Janssen (Curator of textiles): tapestry display

Femke Diercks (Junior curator ceramics): William and Mary room

Reinier Baarsen (Senior curator of furniture): Room of Dutch and French furniture

Jeroen van der Vliet (Curator of maritime collections): Naval power