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June issue of Print Quarterly (Volume XXXII, no. 2) has been published

The latest issue of Print Quarterly (Volume XXXII, no. 2, June 2015) has appeared. The contributions with Dutch and/or Flemish content include a note reviewing Woodcuts in Incunabula printed in the Low Countries and another reviewing Picturing Venus in the Renaissance Print and illustrating Glasgow’s apparently unrecorded engraving after Goltzius.


Print Quarterly (Vol. XXXII, no. 2), June 2015


New Light on Jacopo Amigoni as Publisher and Printmaker by MARTINA MANFREDI
Rare Paper Icons from Mount Athos by OKSANA YURCHYSHYN-SMITH
The Colvin Print Theft and the Rise and Fall of A. W. Thibaudeau by ROBERT J. D. HARDING

Shorter Notices

Four Rediscovered Print Designs by Louis Chéron for Jean Racine’s Plays by FRANÇOIS MARANDET
Hokusai and his Blockcutters by ELLIS TINIOS


Woodcuts in Incunabula by KATHRYN RUDY
Leber Collection, Orléans by TOM RASSIEUR
Picturing Venus in the Renaissance Print by SHINSUKE WATANABE
Marriage in Popular Prints by ALISON G. STEWART
Miroir des Courtisanes by JEAN MICHEL MASSING
The Art and History of Globes by ELLY DEKKER
Roman Antiquities and Early Modern Methods of Reproduction by ELOISA DODERO
Aubin-Louis Millin’s Antiquités Nationales by STEPHEN BANN
Caricature and the Navy by TIM CLAYTON
Chromolithography by GRAHAM DRY
Chromolithography in Hamburg by GRAHAM DRY
Artists of the Brücke on Holiday by JEAN MICHEL MASSING
Jacques Villon’s Le Bal Du Moulin Rouge by R. STANLEY JOHNSON
Swiss Artists’ Books by BARBARA BADER
Germany Divided: Baselitz and his Generation by FLORIAN SIMM
Graphicstudio, University of South Florida by PAUL COLDWELL
The Mario Avati Printmaking Award by SARAH WILLIAMS
Wallpaper at the Cooper-Hewitt by BRITANY SALSBURY
Riva Castleman by STARR FIGURA

Catalogue and Book Reviews

On the Print’s Northern Origins, 1400–70 by RAINER SCHOCH
The Image in Eighteenth-Century London by DAVID BINDMAN
Eugène Delâtre and Alfredo Müller by MARTIN HOPKINSON
Chuck Close by FANNY SINGER