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New CODARTfeature: Experiencing the Wonder of Gouda in Saint John’s Church

A new feature has been published on the CODART website. The recently opened exhibition Het wonder van Gouda in Saint John’s Church in Gouda takes you back to the sixteenth century. Five altarpieces from the collection of Museum Gouda are now back in their original setting, and combined with various smells, sounds and voices they give an impression of what the church must have been like 450 years ago. In this feature, Nadia Groeneveld-Baadj shares the details of preparing this multi-sensory exhibition.

“In the past decade, the investigation of late medieval religious culture has increasingly included the sensory and bodily experience of worship. While previously, disciplines such as architectural history, art history, and the history of religion focused primarily on the architectural space of the church, the aesthetics and function of artefacts and images, and religious ritual, a number of recent, interdisciplinary projects have investigated how the space and decoration of parish churches and cathedrals framed and activated the sensory and spiritual experience of religious life. (…)” Read on…


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