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New CODARTfeature: Lucas Gassel in Helmond

For many years Museum Helmond had the wish to stage an exhibition on their hometown painter, Lucas Gassel (ca. 1488-1568/1569). In March 2020 this dream finally came true, only for the show to close four days after opening due to coronavirus. How do the curators look back on the preparations for the exhibition and how do they deal with the current situation?

‘When CODART asked us to write about the development of the exhibition Lucas Gassel: Master of Landscapes for CODARTfeatures (Museum Helmond, 10 March – 7 June 2020), it seemed the perfect opportunity to talk about the background and the events leading up to this remarkable project, the first exhibition ever to be dedicated to the Helmond-born artist Gassel (ca. 1488–1568/69). Although Gassel is a familiar name to art historians as one of the earliest landscape painters in the Netherlands, very little is known about him.’ Read on…


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