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New CODARTfeature Published: Dutch Art at the Château de Chantilly

A new feature has been published on the CODART website.

This month, curator Baptiste Roelly introduces us to the Dutch holdings of the Musée Condé at the Château de Chantilly near Paris. The collection established by Henri d’Orléans (1822-1897), the Duke of Aumale, who acquired works by the great masters but also developed a keen interest in lesser-known Dutch artists. The Duke liked to acquire works by the same artist in different artistic mediums, which is why the collection includes paintings, prints and drawings. The Dutch prints can be seen in the exhibition Beyond Rembrandt – Dutch Prints from the Golden Age until 25 February 2024.

“Unlike any other French château, the Château de Chantilly transcends its decorative and historical attributes, ranking among the country’s most exquisite fine arts museums. Its collections were built up almost entirely by Henri d’Orléans (1822-1897), Duke of Aumale, a son of the French king Louis-Philippe (1773-1850). (…) ” Continue reading…


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