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New Issue of Simiolus (Vol. 44 nr. 3/4) Appears

The latest issue of Simiolus (volume 44, number 3/4) is out now. See the contents below.


Svea Janzen
‘“har . as . uber . gan”: new evidence about an Eyckian portrait in the National Gallery, London’

Stefaan Grieten
‘A palace for Pictura: Cornelis van Dalem’s artist’s house in Antwerp’

Stefan Bartilla
Jan Brueghel the Elder’s journey to Prague in 1604: works from an artistic turning point’

Leen Kelchtermans and Katharina van Cauteren
‘Pregnancy portraits by Jacob Jordaens and Anthony van Dyck’

Stefan Huygebaert
‘Memling’s genius and locus: Symbolists, travelers and tourists in Bruges’s St John’s Hospital’

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