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Latest Issue of Simiolus (40-4) Appears

Volume 40 has been completed with an issue featuring eight papers on topics ranging from a contribution on Erhard Reuwich’s importance for the early history of scientific illustration to a study on Frans Floris and chromatic music and a new reading of the subject of Rembrandt’s 1626 Leiden history painting. There is also an extensive review of the 2016 Segers exhibition and its fundamental catalogue and a review of Spieth’s book on revolutionary Paris and the market for Netherlandish painting.

Contents Volume 40 (2018), nr. 4

Boudewijn Bakker
Bernhard von Breydenbach and Erhard Reuwich of Utrecht: pioneers in the theory and practice of the lifelike printed image

Sacha Zdanov
Contribution to the reconstitution of the altarpiece of Sir Robert Tate (c. 1440–1500)

Caecilie Weissert
Ut pictura musica: Frans Floris and chromatic music

Peter Hecht
Could this be it? Rembrandt’s Leiden history painting of 1626 depicts Orestes and Pylades before King Thoas in Tauris

Annemieke Hoogenboom
Willem van Mieris’s ornamental easel: the title page for Pieter de la Court van der Voort’s art collection

Robert Fucci & Jan Piet Filedt Kok
Review – Hercules Segers: painter, etcher

Everhard Korthals Altes
Book review – Revolutionary Paris and the market for Netherlandish art

Eric Jan Sluijter
Response – Reviewing Vermeer and the masters of genre painting

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