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Call for applications for two Fundación Gondra Barandiarán-Museo Del Prado research scholarships

From the call for applications, 16 April 2016

The Fundación Gondra Barandiarán and the Museo Nacional del Prado have signed an agreement allowing the two institutions to jointly sponsor a program consisting of two remunerated scholarships for researchers involved with any aspect of art history related to the Museo del Prado’s collections.
This agreement stipulates the awarding of two scholarships: a senior scholarship for researchers over the age of 40, and a junior scholarship for those beneath that age. These scholarships will be funded by the Fundación Gondra Barandiarán and will have a maximum duration of three months each. The two scholarships will be carried out at the Museo del Prado’s Centro de Estudios (Research Center) in the Casón del Buen Retiro, beginning in September 2016.
The scholarships will be awarded following a competition based on the principles of objectivity, transparency, equality, non-discrimination and public access.

Application deadline: 7 May 2016


The senior scholarship is endowed with 9,000€ (nine thousand Euros), consisting of 3,000€ (three thousand Euros) per month for a maximum of three months. The junior scholarship is endowed with 6,000€ (six thousand Euros), consisting of 2,000€ (two thousand Euros) per month for a maximum of three months.


Applicants for the senior scholarship must be a least forty years old, with a doctorate in Art History or a related area of the Humanities and an established academic-professional career. Applicants for the junior scholarship must be less than forty years old, be doctoral candidates at the time of this application or have defended their dissertation in the last ten years. Applicants for both categories must be up to date on their tax and Social Security payments and not legally or otherwise barred from receiving subsidies (see section VII of the application form).

Beneficiary obligations

Selected candidates must communicate their acceptance of the scholarship by e-mail within seven days of the announcement of results. They accept the commitment to participate in academic life at the Centro de Estudios by attending the Escuela del Prado’s courses and seminars whenever their research work allows them to. The senior scholarship holder must also be willing to guide and advise the recipient of the junior scholarship and other scholarship holders at the Centro de Estudios. The senior scholarship holder will also present his or her research project in a public conference at the Museo’s auditorium. That presentation can be made in the candidate’s native language. The Junior scholarship holder will be able to take part in the work of the department with which his or her research subject is related, whenever that work is complementary to said research.
Upon completion of the scholarships, their holders will have a maximum of one month to turn in a Report indicating whether they have met the initial projections and reached their planned goals. Furthermore, the Fundación Gondra Barandiarán and the Museo del Prado must appear whenever the reception of these scholarships is mentioned in their Curricula Vitae or professional careers.

For the application procedures and required documentation, please see the Museo del Prado’s webpage.