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Call for papers: Crafting a Brussels Artistic Network in Early Modern Europe (ca. 1400-1750)

A call for papers was issued for the session: Crafting a Brussels Artistic Network in Early Modern Europe (ca. 1400-1750) at the Renaissance Society of America (RSA) Annual Meeting 2016, Boston, 31 March – 2 April, 2016


From the call for papers, 3 May 2015

The artistic landscape of the Southern Netherlands has traditionally been dominated by Antwerp, but this panel aims to redefine this historical model by focusing on the significance of Brussels and its artistic networks. As a court city, tapestry center and international hub, Brussels distinguished itself from the rest of the region as a dynamic, complex urban center with a distinctive artistic and cultural identity. Yet because of these very functions, Brussels remained inextricably linked to cities both within and outside of the Netherlands, such as Antwerp, Madrid, Rome, and Paris. This panel seeks papers that address the artistic culture of Brussels and its place in a pan-European artistic network in the period c. 1400-1750, considering painting, sculpture, prints and/or tapestry. It also encourages papers that address the broader methodological issues raised in this context. How can this approach shed new light on Brussels and the ways in which artists, artistic communities and cities were connected in the early modern period?

This session is sponsored by Historians of Netherlandish Art ( Preference will be given to proposals from HNA members. PhD candidates may propose papers, but please ask your supervisor to send a letter of support. Presenters must be members of RSA and are responsible for their own costs. For RSA guidelines on paper proposals and other information about the conference, please consult the RSA website.

Please send an abstract (maximum 150 words) and a c.v. by email to both panel chairs by May 15.

Session Chairs:

Dr. Koenraad Brosens, KU Leuven

Dr. Lara Yeager-Crasselt, KU Leuven