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CODART eZine no. 4 now online: The digital newsletter on Dutch and Flemish art in museums worldwide

CODART proudly presents a new issue of the CODART eZine. This 4th issue of our digital magazine is a special on eigteenth-century art.

Table of contents

Tom van der Molen
Editor’s note: Eighteenth-century Art

Gerdien Verschoor
Welcome: CODART Director dies under Avalanche of Books

Virginie D’haene
Bruges Artists Abroad: Neoclassicist Drawings in the Printroom of the Groeningemuseum

Stefaan Hautekeete
“A cabinet of the most delightful drawings”

René Dessing
Historic Country Houses in the Netherlands

Silke Gatenbröcker
Duke Anton Ulrich of Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel – One of the First Collectors of Dutch
Paintings outside the Netherlands

Jacek Tylicki
Collecting at the Court of Poland-Lithuania and the Activities of King Stanislaus II August

Curator’s Interview: Paul Knolle interviewed by Andrea Rousová

Friends: Brian Capstick interviewed by Gerdien Verschoor

Rebecca Long

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