CODART, Dutch and Flemish art in museums worldwide

New issue of Print Quarterly (Volume XXXI, no. 2) published

The contributions with Dutch/Flemish content include an article presenting a new interpretation of landscape woodcuts by Hendrick Goltzius, notes featuring archival discoveries on Remigius Hogenberg and other engravers working in early modern London, a note on the van den Noort collection, as well as reviews on Hieronymus Cock’s Aux Quatre Vents and on Dutch prints of Africa.


Walther Ryff, Plagiarism and Imitation in Sixteenth-Century Germany by ALEXANDER MARR 131
An Interpretation of Four Woodcut Landscapes by Hendrick Goltzius by MARJORIE B. COHN 144
Collecting Prints by Giulio Bonasone in Early Nineteenth-Century Britain by MERCEDES CERÓN 155

Shorter Notice
Rare Drawings for Prints by Francesco Antonio Bufalini by ANGELAMARIA ACETO 167

Orlando Furioso by MICHAEL BURY 175
Remigius Hogenberg aka Highill by MICHAEL FLEMING 177
Engravers In Early Modern London by MICHAEL FLEMING 178
Sienese Theses by LOUISE RICE 178
Budapest Online by ANTONY GRIFFITHS 180
Della Bella by MATHEW NORMAN 180
Della Bella Cartouches by STEPHEN A. BERGQUIST 181
Curious Beasts by LUCY GELLMAN 182
Eighteenth-Century Print Ephemera by MALCOLM JONES 183
Vitruvius Britannicus by JOANNE O’HARA 185
Johann Wilhelm Baumgartner by ANTONY GRIFFITHS 185
Piranesi’s Paestum by LOLA KANTOR-KAZOVSKY 187
Adrian Zingg by DANIEL GODFREY 189
Perfectly American: The Art-Union and its Artists by JOY SPERLING 192
Baron Taylor’s Travels by ELIZABETH M. RUDY 193
The Maison Goupil and the Triumph of Italian Painters by ROSALBA DINOIA 195
Symbolism in the Rhône-Alpes by MARTIN HOPKINSON 198
Ernest Haskell by MARTIN HOPKINSON 199
Kirchner by MEIKE HOFFMAN 201
The Jan and Wietse Van Den Noort Collection by MARTIN HOPKINSON 202
US Print Activism by JILL E. BUGAJSKI 203
Hellmuth Weissenborn by SARAH MACDOUGALL 203
Carlos Cruz-Diez by MARTIN HOPKINSON 205
Dieter Roth by PAUL COLDWELL 207
Christo and Jeanne-Claude by PAUL COLDWELL 208
Frédérique Lucien by MARTIN HOPKINSON 209
The Brandywine Workshop by MARTIN HOPKINSON 211
Barthélémy Toguo by PAUL COLDWELL 212
Francesco Parisi by UMBERTO GIOVANNINI 214
Password: Printmaking by PAUL COLDWELL 214

Catalogue and Book Reviews
Nicola di Maestro Antonio by DAVID LANDAU 216
Hieronymus Cock’s Aux Quatre Vents by EMILY J. PETERS 219
Dutch Prints of Africa by JEAN MICHEL MASSING 224
Printed Sources of Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Polish Art by WALDEMAR DELUGA 227
Etchings by Giovanni Francesco Grimaldi by ISABELLA LODI-FE CHAPMAN 234
Paul Gauguin by RICHARD FIELD 237
Munch on Paper by JAY A. CLARKE 243