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Festschrift for Ildikó Ember has been published: Geest en gratie. Essays Presented to Ildikó Ember on Her Seventieth Birthday.

On 13 December 2012 the Museum of Fine Arts (Szépművészeti Múzeum) Budapest organized a feast on the occasion of the 70th birthday of Ildikó Ember, Head of Department of Old Masters’ Gallery. She was presented with the first copy of Geest en gratie. Essays Presented to Ildikó Ember on Her Seventieth Birthday. This volume comprises 29 essays by a group of international scholars.

Table of contents

Quentin Buvelot
On Coorte’s Still Life with Two Walnuts

Fred Meijer
A Partridge by Abraham van Calraet (1642–1722) in Budapest

Júlia Tátrai
The Beatified Martyrs of Gorcum: A Series of Paintings by David Teniers the Younger and Wouter Gysaerts

Ursula Härting
Blumenbuketts in Prunkvasen. Frans Francken II. – Andries Daniels – Philips de Marlier

István Németh
Still Lifes by Abraham van Beijeren in the Former Collection of Marcell de Nemes

János Jernyei Kiss
“… nach dem Tegst gerichtet, ohne das Kunst mesige fallen zu lasen”: Still Life and Trompe- l’oeil Elements in Late Baroque Ceiling Painting

Rudi O. Ekkart
Harmen de Bye, herbergier, burgemeester en portretschilder

Peter van den Brink
Not Govaert Flinck, but Jacob Backer: The Resurfaced Portrait of Cornelis de Graeff

Ingrid Ciulisová
‘Portrait of an Oriental’ and Its Story: A Short Report

Görel Cavalli-Björkman
The Art of Painting by Martin Mijtens the Elder

Harald Marx
»dass man wahre Natur zu erblicken glaubte«
Anton Graff – Ein Bildnismaler zwischen Abbild und Vorbild. Zu drei Selbstbildnissen in der Dresdener Gemäldegalerie

Hana Seifertová
Bemerkungen zu Joachim von Sandrarts’ Bildnis des Ottavio Piccolomini mit seinem Adjutanten Hans Christoph Ranfft

Annamária Gosztola
A Portrait of Christian Wermuth in the Szépművészeti Múzeum

Gary Schwartz
With Emanuel de Witte in the Oude Kerk in Amsterdam

George Keyes
A Panoramic View of Amersfoort Attributed to Joost de Volder

Karin Sidén
Dutch Art and Artists in Seventeenth-century Sweden

Dóra Sallay
The Avignon-Type of the Virgin of Humility: Examples in Siena

Anna Eörsi
Cupido, Salomon and Sheba (Piero della Francesca, Arezzo)

Vilmos Tátrai
A Newly Found Pontormo Invention and the Old Questions

Axel Vécsey
Appendix: Some Remarks on the Provenance of the Madonna Discussed in Vilmos Tátrai’s Article

Szilvia Bodnár
German Drawings with the Inscription “Roma 1591”

Axel Vécsey A Royal Picture: The Provenance of Girolamo Bedoli’s Budapest Holy Family

Zoltán Kárpáti
Two Festival Designs from the Workshop of Jacopo Strada

Éva Nyerges
Recently Attributed Seventeenth-century Neapolitan Paintings in Hungary

Andrea Czére
A Newly Identified Painting by Denys Calvaert

Ágota Varga
Acquisitions by Arnold Ipolyi from the Johann Friedrich Fromm Collection in Cologne. On the Provenance of Some German and Netherlandish Paintings in the Christian Museum in Esztergom

Imre Kovács
A Delacroix Drawing in the Possession of Liszt: Hamlet and Horatio in the Graveyard and Nineteenth-century Hamlet Reception

Judit Geskó
Le sujet ne signifie rien. Paul Cézanne’s Peasant Family at Home, and the Ostade picture in Budapest

Mariann Gergely
Van Doesburg Versus Mondrian: The Role of Their Different Views on Space in the Disintegration of the Stijl Group