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Full program of symposium "Holland’s golden age in America: collecting the art of Rembrandt, Vermeer, and Hals" at the Frick collection in New York announced

15 and 16 May, the Frick collection will host a symposium about collecting Dutch art in America. The full program has now be announced and can be read here.

Information from the museum, 12 March 2009

This two-day event will explore the growing taste for Dutch Old Masters among collectors of the Gilded Age and beyond, such as Henry Marquand, Benjamin Altman, John G. Johnson, Henry Clay Frick, and Norton Simon. The symposium will be divided into three sessions: the first on the formation of America’s taste for Dutch art from the Colonial era through the nineteenth century; the second, examining great collections and collectors of the Gilded Age; and the third, exploring the legacy of the Gilded Age collectors and investigating how it influenced later collectors’ opinions and preferences.

Papers will be presented by both American and Dutch scholars, with an interdisciplinary emphasis. Peter Sutton, Executive Director of the Bruce Museum, will deliver the keynote address and presentations will be offered by Walter Liedtke, Ronni Baer, Quentin Buvelot, and Peter Hecht, among others. The symposium will conclude with an interview of a present-day collector of Dutch paintings of the Golden Age.