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New issue of Simiolus vol. 34 (2009/2010) nr. 2 appears

The latest issue of Simiolus has appeared. Below you can find the contents.

Simiolus. Netherlands quarterly for the history of art
Volume 34 2009/2010 Number 2


JEROEN STUMPEL Dürer and death: on the iconography of Knight, Death and the devil

DUNCAN BULL Jan Gossaert and Jacopo Ripanda on the Capitoline

KARIN LEONHARD Pictura’s fertile field: Otto Marseus van Schrieck and the genre of sottobosco painting

FRISO LAMMERTSE Four letters from Adriaen van der Werff to the Antwerp sculptor Jan Peter van Baurscheit

Book reviews

Kendall on Wouter van der Veen, Van Gogh: a literary mind