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Print Quarterly XXVIII published

In the latest volumes of Print Quarterly (Volume XXVIII, No. 3, September 2011 and No.4, December 2011), some interesting articles
with Dutch/Flemish content appeared: “Jan Gossaert’s Mocking of
Christ, a Reversal of States” by Nadine M. Orenstein, “A New State by Goltzius, with Imperial Implications” by Marjorie B. Cohn, “Some
Observations on Rembrandt’s Bathers” by Martin Royalton-Kisch, “James Hughes Anderdon’s Collectanea Biographica: An extraordinary collection in the Keeper’s Office” by An Van Camp, “A Hoytema Archive in Boston” by Clifford S. Ackley, and “Hercules Segers Influence on Post-World War II Netherlandish Printmakers” by Jan Piet Filedt Kok.

For a full listing of contents see below.


David Landau

An Addition to the Oeuvre of Wenzel von Olmütz
Christopher Mendez

An Early Forgery of the Buxheim St. Christopher
Szilvia Bodnár

A Little Gift from an Old Friend: Dürer’s Drawings by Fra Giocondo
Arnold Nesselrath

Jan Gossaert’s Mocking of Christ: A Reversal of States
Nadine M. Orenstein

Niccolò Vicentino’s Miraculous Draught of Fishes
Naoko Takahatake

Michelangelo at Fontainebleau
Catherine Jenkins

Béatrizet’s Last Judgement, after Michelangelo, in the Courtauld Gallery
Michael Bury and Katharine Lockett

A New State by Goltzius, with Imperial Implications
Marjorie B. Cohn

Rome 1610: Guido Reni After Annibale Carracci
Marzia Faietti

An Unrecorded English Broadside Ballad of 1626 in Český Šternberk
David Paisey

Cesare Bassano’s 1635 Siege of Valenza
Mark McDonald

Cardinal Francesco Barberini and the Specula Principum Tradition
Ketty Gottardo

‘Washing the Ass’s Head’: Proverbial and Allegorical Prints
Jean Michel Massing

Robert Vaughan and Monumental Brasses
Simon Turner

Some Observations on Rembrandt’s Bathers
Martin Royalton-Kisch

A Rare Survivor: François Langot’s Christ Crowned with Thorns
David Maskill

Jean Lepautre’s Forgotten Seven Cannons
Maxime Préaud

A Mauro Gandolfi Print Study: Lost and Found
Hugo Chapman

Remarks on Giambattista Tiepolo’s Scherzi
Christian Rümelin

Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo: The Pastiche as Capriccio
Peter Parshall

William Pennock – Retrieving an Early Eighteenth-Century Print-Publisher
Malcolm Jones

Satirical Prints by Jefferyes Hamett O’Neale
Sheila O’Connell and Rosemary Baker

Jean-Baptiste Glomy’s Etched Borders for Drawings and Prints
Peter Fuhring

The Print Collection of Sir Joshua Reynolds
Donato Esposito

Raphael Morghen’s Inventory of the ‘Calcografia Volpato’
Giorgio Marini

Some Thoughts on Flaxman and the Engraved Outlines
Deanna Petherbridge

Frog to Apollo: A French Print After Lavater and Pre-Darwinian Theories of

David Bindman

Enlightened Friendship
Frances Carey

‘Good Morning Gentlemen, What Are We Up To?’
Ger Luijten

Alexander Cozens and Amateurs Drawn to Etch
Kim Sloan

James Hughes Anderdon’s Collectanea Biographica: An Extraordinary
Collection in the Keeper’s Office

An Van Camp

Documents on Godefroy Engelmann’s Chromolithographie
Tanya Szrajber

Antoine-Augustin Renouard’s Collection of Affiches de Librairie
Chris Michaelides

Five Lithographic Stones for Manet in 1873
Juliet Wilson-Bareau

Degas and Hiroshige
Thomas Rassieur

Reflections on Gauguin’s Woodcut Soyez Amoureux
Richard S. Field

The Book and Print Collector Hans Fürstenberg
Paul R. Quarrie

A Hoytema Archive in Boston
Clifford S. Ackley

Boom and Bust: Notes on the Inter-War British Print Bubble
Celina Fox

Two Bookplates by Joseph Hecht
Martin Hopkinson

Patriotic Hellenism: A Poster for the 1948 London Olympics
Ian Jenkins

Hercules Segers Influence on Post-World War II Netherlandish Printmakers
Jan Piet Filedt Kok

An Unknown Lithograph from Philip Guston’s Late Work
Michael Semff

Disguising Dürer’s Line and Other Print Transformations by Carl Fudge
Marilyn Symmes

‘Geography with a Purpose’: Bea Maddocks’ Terra Spiritus
Irena Zdanowicz