CODART, Dutch and Flemish art in museums worldwide

About the Friends of CODART

Friends of CODART is a fundraising organization. The aim is to support the activities of CODART and to facilitate the international co-operation and exchange between curators of Dutch and Flemish art. By becoming a friend, you support the work of hundreds of curators and hundreds of museums in forty countries. As a friend of CODART you will be able to:

  • Make contact with other Friends of CODART.
  • Create a distinctive link between your name and CODART.
  • Strengthen your presence in the international field.
  • Stay in touch with new developments within the network.
  • Receive the CODART newsletter twice a year.
  • Participate in an annual event (for Patrons and Business Sponsors only).

If you know people or companies with a passion for Dutch and Flemish art, CODART would be happy to get to know them! Please tell your associates about our network, send them our folder, and contact us if there is anyone we should get in touch with.

See our other FAQ pages for additional information about CODART, Dutch and Flemish art, CODART’s work, membership, CODART events, our publications, the mailing lists we offer, and this website.