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About CODART’s Publications

What are CODARTfeatures?

CODARTfeatures are published monthly by CODART. The articles provide information on current curatorial developments, collections of Dutch and Flemish art in museums worldwide, as well as insight into the work of the museum curator. They are meant for everyone interested in Dutch and Flemish art around the globe. In due time all articles ever published by CODART will be available as a feature.

How can I subscribe to CODARTfeatures?

All features are available on If you would like to be notified when a new feature appears, then please register for the Notification Service.

How can I contribute to CODARTfeatures?

Submissions are encouraged on painting, sculpture, graphic arts, tapestry, and applied arts from the Low Countries, as well as curatorial history, art conservation, technical studies, and museum studies. Submissions are accepted at any time. Are you interested in writing a CODARTfeature? Please contact for further information.

What is the CODART eZine?

The CODART eZine was the bi-annual digital magazine of the international network for curators of Dutch and Flemish art, published by the Stichting CODART from 2012-2018. The eZine provided information on curators and their collections, as well as research projects, new publications, and the Friends of CODART. The CODART eZine remains accessible on

What is the CODART Courant

The CODART Courant was the bi-annual newsletter of the international council for curators of Dutch and Flemish art, published by CODART from 1998 to 2011. It focused on Dutch and Flemish art in museums all around the world and the curators in charge of these collections. The CODART Courant featured news headings, introductions to lesser known collections, opinion articles and interviews concerning the work of the curator and news about CODART and its activities. All 21 issues are available in PDF-format on this page.