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About this website

Are there terms and conditions that apply to this website?

Yes, please see our Terms & Conditions page.

Does CODART have a privacy statement that discloses the use of personal data?

Yes, please see our Privacy Statement page.

What does the CODART website offer?

This website is primarily a portal to Internet resources on Dutch and Flemish art in museums. It provides easily navigable rubrics on:

Where does CODART acquire its information?

All information on museums, curators, exhibitions, other museum events and publications on this website has been provided by museums or individuals affiliated to CODART or was gathered by CODART from open sources on the internet or on paper provided by museum publicity departments, government websites, press and local tourist bureaus.

Where does CODART acquire its images?

All images, including those of works of art, museums, and people, have been delivered to CODART by the corresponding museums or gathered from museum websites and museum press dossiers. If we used your image without permission, please send an e-mail to the webmaster.

I know a museum or exhibition of Dutch and Flemish art that is not on the list. How can I have it added?

Send an e-mail to the webmaster.

How can I have a news item published on this website?

Send an e-mail to the webmaster.

Who is responsible for the English translations on this website?

Many of the longer texts, for example the articles in CODARTfeatures, have been translated by Beverley Jackson. Texts published before 2017 were translated by Diane Webb. All other text are translated by CODART’s webmaster.

Who designed this website?

This website was designed and developed by Occhio in Amsterdam in 2016 and it was launched on 5 December 2016.

Who maintains this website?

Since 2018, CODART’s partner for webdesign is Van Ons in Amsterdam.