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CODART Memories: CODARTfocus Prague (2012)

On Monday, 14 May 2012 the National Gallery in Prague opened its doors exclusively for CODART. The program included two lectures in the morning, a presentation of the collection catalogue and a tour of the exhibition Rembrandt & Co.: stories told by a prosperous age by Anja Šěvčík, Hana Seifertová, Stefan Bartilla and Blanka Kubíková. The picture below is taken after the tour, when several ‘uncracked nuts’ from the storage rooms of the museum were discussed under the guidance of Rudi Ekkart, director of the RKD, The Hague.

For more information, see the full program of this 2012 CODARTfocus.

CODART Memories

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Photo: Carla van de Puttelaar