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Ronald de Leeuw

Address at CODART TWEE

At the pre-congress reception for CODART TWEE, Ronald de Leeuw sketched the plans of the Rijksmuseum for its celebrations in the year 2000, the 200th anniversary of the opening of the museum.

In brief, he said: “For the Rijksmuseum the year 2000 is not only the beginning of a new millennium. On 31 May this institute will have been in existence for 200 years. Founded in November 1798, it first opened its doors to the public in 1800. … Naturally, we shall be celebrating this.

Up to January 2000 the programme will expand to take in lectures, congresses, special evenings, publications and of course a superb celebration on the jubilee day 31 May…”

The exhibitions de Leeuw announced are:

8/1 – 25/6 2000
A Royal Museum. The early history of the Rijksmuseum

8/7-15/10 2000
Images of History. The Atlas Muller of history prints

28/10 2000-21/1 2001
Vanmour in Turkey. Paintings by the French painter Jean-Baptiste of the Ottoman court in the late 17th century

11/12 1999-26/3 2000
Amsterdam gold and silver: the complete holdings of the Rijksmuseum

25/11 2000- 4/3 2001
Meissen Porcelain: the collection of the Rijksmuseum

15/4-17/9 2000
Dutch art of the 17th century. “the first major survey of the highlights from the 17th century in the Netherlands: paintings, sculpture, decorative arts, drawings and prints. With worked from its own superb holdings, supplemented by loans from museums and private collections. In 200 works the exhibition reveals the diversity and richness of artistic production in this century….”

18/3 20/8 2000
75x Lace: the jubilee of Het Kantsalet, a society founded in 1925. The 75th anniversary will be marked with an exhibition of 75 of the finest pieces from the collection.

9/9 2000-11/3 2001
Royer’s Chinese cabinet. Choice pieces from the collection of Jean Theodore Royer (1737-1807) of popular and unfamiliar Chinese artefacts: porcelain, lacquerware, everyday objects, clothing, gouaches and books.

9/9 2000-11/3 2001
Regents in costume: the Six gift. In 1987 members of the Six family gave over 600 costumes and accessories, dating from 1630 to 1960, to the Rijksmuseum.

22/7-8/10 2000
Rembrandt in various states, part 1: etchings from the British Museum and the Rijksmuseum

14/10 2000-7/1 2001
Part 2 of the same.

22/1-9/4 2000
Art around 1900: prints, drawings and photos.

1/7-15/10 2000
Rijksmuseum posters.

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