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Liber Amicorum Published in Honor of Fred G. Meijer

On 8 June of this year, Fred G. Meijer, former senior curator Old Netherlandish Painting at the RKD Netherlands Institute for Art History and former CODART member, turned 65. In order to celebrate this and to honor Fred for his dedication to Dutch and Flemish art history for nearly four decades – and continuing – Charles Dumas, former chief curator of Dutch and Flemish Art at the RKD, initiated a Liber Amicorum. He edited it together with former RKD director Rudi Ekkart and photographer and art historian Carla van de Puttelaar. Delayed by Covid-19, the Liber Amicorum was presented to Fred Meijer last week, on 10 September, with a very limited number of attendants existing of authors and friends.

The Liber Amicorum is titled Connoisseurship. Essays in Honour of Fred G. Meijer and contains 47 essays on a wide array of subjects written by 51 authors, among them numerous CODART members. Consult the website of Primavera Pers for more information, or this page for the contents and a full list of the authors.

Fred Meijer with the Liber Amicorum

Connoisseurship. Essays in honour of Fred G. Meijer
Edited by Charles Dumas, Rudi Ekkart and Carla van de Puttelaar
Hardcover, 432 pp, ca 220 color illustrations
ISBN: 978-90-5997-318-3
Primavera Pers 2020