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New CODARTfeature: Christopher Atkins Interviewed by Helen Hillyard

A new feature has been published on the CODART website. Founded in 2017, the Center for Netherlandish Art at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts would have opened this fall, were it not for the intervention of COVID-19. It is now scheduled to open in fall 2021. Helen Hillyard spoke with the director, Christoper Atkins, about the plans and programming of the CNA, and their place in the art historical field.

“In the field of Dutch and Flemish art, the Center for Netherlandish Art undoubtedly has one of the most ambitious agendas. The Center has since gained new significance as a space for bringing people together, and supporting professionals in the field as well as the wider community.” Read on…

One-year anniversary

In October 2019, CODART launched its new publication platform CODARTfeatures. Every month this section of our website features an article by a CODART member. The past twelve features included several thought-provoking articles, such as Tom van der Molen’s The Problem of ‘the Golden Age’ and Looking in, Looking Out: Toward Diversity and Inclusion in the Field of Dutch and Flemish Art by Jessie Park, as well as the much-discussed COVID, Curators and Blockbuster Exhibitions in which three curators reflect on the effect that the current pandemic has on their museums. In addition, the features has ample room for curator’s projects, regional collections of Dutch and Flemish art, and interviews with curators.

We are interested to hear your thoughts about the features and invite you to share your experiences and ideas with us by sending an e-mail to

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