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New CODARTfeature: The Exhibition XXL Paper in the Rijksmuseum

A new feature has been published on the CODART website. Large-scale works on paper present difficulties in terms of displaying them to museum visitors. Their delicacy and size mean they are usually hidden away in the depot. The Rijksmuseum is now changing this by placing works from the museum’s own collection in the spotlight in the exhibition XXL Paper – Big, bigger, biggest. Curators Maud van Suylen and Manon van der Mullen discuss the show and the challenges they faced in composing it.

It seems that artists had many different reasons for choosing to work on large sheets of paper. Some objects were designed to depict legendary stories on an impressive scale, others to ensure that political messages were widely disseminated, to boost a city’s image, or to give a remote geographical place a sense of immediacy. Paper was ideal for such purposes, since (…)Read on…


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Last month’s feature was Samuel van Hoogstraten: A Collaborative Project by Sabine Pénot, Leonore van Sloten and David de Witt. To browse all features, visit