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New Curator in the Spotlight: Dorota Juszczak

In the latest edition of the Curator in the Spotlight section CODART-member Dorota Juszczak offers a closer look at the Royal Castle in Warsaw (Zamek Królewski w Warszawie) and its collection, where she is curator.

Dorota Juszczak explains how the collection of the Royal Castle was formed and why two of its most iconic paintings, Rembrandt’s Girl in a Picture Frame and A Scholar at his Writing Table, were donated to the Royal Castle in 1994. In partnership with the Royal Łazienki Museum, Juszczak is currently working on a catalogue of all the paintings that belonged to the king’s former gallery. At present she knows the whereabouts of approximately 400 paintings from the collection – which contained 2,500 works in 1795. To help further her research, she would be extremely grateful for any information you have concerning the whereabouts of any paintings which have a Stanislavian (or even merely Polish) provenance, such as those by Radziwiłł, Tarnowski, Mniszech, or Ossoliński.

Curator in the Spotlight: Dorota Juszczak

The Royal Castle and CODART TWINTIG

Warsaw’s Royal Castle will be the venue for CODART TWINTIG’s opening reception on Sunday, 21 May. On Tuesday, the Speakers’ Corner will take place here and participants can join an excursion that will focus on the Dutch and Flemish paintings. Members of CODART can register for the Warsaw congress on

Curator in the Spotlight

The Curator in the Spotlight is a special feature on the CODART website that introduces one of CODART’s members and their work as a curator of Dutch and Flemish art. Every time different curators writes about their work, projects and exhibitions, and a piece in their collection that is special to them.